Qualcomm and AMD work together to optimize FastConnect platform


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This agreement will allow for improved Wi-Fi capabilities by pairing AMD’s processors and Qualcomm’s platform.

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Qualcomm and AMD announced a partnership to streamline Qualcomm’s FastConnect system, which is used for AMD Ryzen processor-based computing platforms. The FastConnect platform will be used by the companies to provide Wi-Fi management capabilities for IT administrators using AMD PRO processors. This is the company’s suite enterprise technologies.

Business laptops now have Wi-Fi 6E and 6E connectivity

Qualcomm’s FastConnect 6900 will enable next-generation business laptops to feature Wi-Fi 6E and 6E connectivity. This will be in addition to enhanced wireless capabilities when using Windows 11. This hardware optimization is intended to improve video conferencing efficiency, decrease latency in video calls, and increase connection effectiveness. This upgraded network efficiency is crucial for companies with remote employees, as many industries are moving to hybrid and remote work arrangements.

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Jason Banta is the CVP and General Manager for OEM client computing at AMD. “AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Series processors with FastConnect 6900 enable next generation business laptops to have the processing and connectivity tools needed to perform in modern environments, offering professional-strength remote manageability for users in the new, hybrid workplace.”

Microsoft PCs will integrate Wi-Fi technology

In addition to the announcement, the companies also announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring this technology to Windows 11 computers such as the Lenovo ThinkPad Z Series or the HP EliteBook 805 Series. These devices will be able harness Wi-Fi Dual Station via Qualcomm’s 4-Stream Dual Band Simultaneous. The announcements by both companies indicate that multiple Wi-Fi bands are more efficient than traditional single-band connections. This will allow for better performance for remote and hybrid employees, as the paradigm shift continues in the way work is done.

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The AMD Manageability Processor 1, now available in Ryzen PRO6000 systems, is a technology that allows remote management of AMD commercial platforms. Administrators can now manage 32 profiles remotely by pairing the FastConnect 6900 processor with it. IT managers will now have the ability to monitor multiple employees wirelessly and simultaneously with this enhanced capability.

“Our partnership with AMD reflects Qualcomm Technologies’ commitment to the mobile computing market. We’re optimizing FastConnect 6900 to work on AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processors. This allows AMD enterprise customers secure Wi-Fi remote control,” stated Dino Bekis (Vice President, Mobile Computing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.). “This is the first step in our partnership to bring wireless connectivity to the AMD mobile computing roadmap.”

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