Tips for Growing Your TikTok Account

TikTok is a hot topic right now. Everybody and their grandma use TikTok. Some of us spend a lot of time scrolling through videos looking for dopamine. Others have other ideas.

If you are one of the “others”, then you might want to be a creator on TikTok. We believe that you can become a successful and well-known creator. Many will tell you that all you have to do to make TikTok popular is to look good and dance to the most current trending song. But that’s only jealousy.

There are some people who are well-known on the platform for this reason, but there are also others who produce quality content. We assume that you would like to be part of that side. We have great tips for you if that is the case.

Your profile picture is important

Although you might not believe it, your profile picture is important. Not only can platforms like Instagram benefit from a pleasant profile photo, but TikTok too. Take your best selfie and capture a beautiful profile picture.

Don’t alter it once you have it right. This image will be synonymous with your brand and is the key to growing your profile.

Find Your Niche

We don’t recommend following blindly the trends. You won’t make it to TikTok. Your feed will look chaotic and lack any message if you do this. We don’t think there should be any message behind a TikTok dance, but it is important to find a way for your audience to hear your message, whatever it may be.

Don’t post videos of yourself pointing at things and trying to do the exact same thing as Khaby if you are a dancer. You shouldn’t be trying to “life hacks”, and that is what you should not do. Stick to your routine if you are a dancer. You should ride the trend in a different way than others. Don’t copy what other people are doing.

Share, Share, Share

Cross-platform marketing is a must if you want your TikTok account to grow. Take a look at the Instagram reels. It’s all TikToks. Instagram, a social media giant, had to undergo significant changes to keep up with the times. You can too.

Look at it. The same spot where the Add button used to be is now reserved for Reels. We all know that Reels are reposted videos from TikTok so why not take advantage of it? You can share your videos and clips on Instagram and Facebook, and let the audience who might not be following you on TikTok cross over.

You can play around with likes

You can reach the Trending page by liking. If we are being honest, likes are all that really matters. We all know how difficult it can be to get likes on a small page. You might be able to get a viral clip, but the odds of that happening are slim if you don’t do something innovative and trendsetting.

You can visit sites like to give your videos some love. These websites can help you gain more followers and likes. Don’t go overboard, as you may lose respect for your “actual” followers and likes if you do. You can give yourself a push in the right direction, and your profile will grow.

Keep it short

The thing is that no matter how entertaining your video may be, nobody wants more than 30 seconds to look at it. As a race, we have fallen behind aquarium fish in our attention span. TikTok doesn’t allow for long videos, despite jokes. That’s YouTube. (And even YouTube has introduced Shorts).

Keep your videos brief and to the point if you want people to flock to your profile. Why is it that “Small waist, beautiful face” TikToks are so popular? They only take 5 seconds to complete, it’s that simple.

Popular Songs are a Must

You don’t have to upload any videos to YouTube. All that matters is the quality of your audio. This is a delicate area, so you need to be cautious. It’s not a good idea to use a song that has been used a million times. Or people will skip your video because they don’t like the sound of it.

If you want to attract followers, however, you must keep following the trending train. Keep an eye out for songs that are too popular. It’s time for you to move on.

Post at the Right Time

This holds true across all social media platforms – post when it is most relevant. You must post your content at peak times to increase engagement and ensure that it thrives. This is something that most people know. If you don’t want to be overcrowded with content and make it difficult for your content to stand out, then avoid peak times.

You should instead choose the second-best time for posting based on where your followers are located. Then, you can capitalize on that. This will ensure that your page grows at a steady rate if you do it right.