Marketing Matters: How to Track Web Traffic


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You can track everything from the number of conversions to website traffic. There are many methods to measure the success of your website. Although many e-commerce platforms can track conversions and transactions, they don’t often offer a way to track traffic.

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This article will help you track website traffic. It is important to know where your traffic comes from and what they do on your site. Your website traffic can have a significant impact on your overall sales and conversions.

Google Analytics: How to track website traffic

Google Analytics is the easiest way to track traffic. First, create an account in Google Analytics and then create a Google tracking number. Google will begin tracking traffic to your website once the code is placed.

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It can also determine traffic sources. These include organic traffic like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. It can also track referral traffic from other websites and paid ads. The goal of SEO optimization, is to increase traffic from search engines.

Knowing where your traffic comes from and whether you notice an increase in traffic to your website is key to determining if your digital marketing plan has succeeded.

Website traffic and conversion rates

Digital marketing traffic is not the same. There are qualified and unqualified traffic. Qualified traffic is when someone visits your website from Google with an intent to purchase information or a product.

If someone visits your website and it doesn’t match their needs, it is unqualified. One has the potential to convert and the other doesn’t. It is possible to track website traffic and compare it with conversion rates to determine if your visitors are the right audience.

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Every marketing plan aims to increase sales through the cultivation of qualified traffic. This could be local or national SEO. If you are interested in SEO and live in New York,

Keep track of where customers go

The customer journey begins when a customer first visits your website. A customer may only visit a few pages before returning to your site later to download an ebook or read blogs, and finally make a purchase.

Google Analytics allows you to track website traffic and see which pages are being visited. You may have a problem with your shopping cart if you see a lot of traffic abandoning it.

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Increase traffic and conversion rates

Tracking website traffic is crucial because it can lead to more conversions and transactions. A good SEO plan will increase traffic over time. Only by proper tracking can you see if it is working or not. Please visit our website to learn more about Google Analytics and search engine optimization.

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