How to set up and manage a wireless network


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How to set up and manage a wireless network

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the right wireless network for your business. Always start with a network needs analysis to determine what kind of wireless networking you need.

Small business owners have several options for wireless networking

Most cases, the options you have will be:

  • Wireless solutions for local use – these are smaller than wireless networks and may not be fast enough to support an office network.
  • Wireless networking solutions –these are able to provide shared internet, extranet, intranet access or connect noncabled office space. These can be a great option if you need to provide easy access to your network to employees visiting from other countries.
  • Wide Area Networks or Mobile Phone Data Networks technologies – these are great for mobile employees to stay connected and have easy access to company resources. Consider where wired networks might be most appropriate.

Plan the phase for wireless network rollout

Consider these things when planning your project:

How much will it cost? Take a look at your training needs. How many employees will require training? And how long does it take to complete?

Take into account the cultural impact. What will it mean for your company if you have employees who are not working at their desks? Is it possible for your company and employees to adapt to this work pattern?

Your wireless and fixed networks will need to be adapted to work together. It is possible to monitor wireless devices (e.g. an employee’s smartphone) that are accessing your network. This can make it difficult to control.

You should standardize hardware and create strong security standards. Are your other systems as flexible, such as telephones?

Do you have the skills and resources to manage a wireless network and to train staff members?

Are you up for the increased volume of communications that could be generated?

Implement your wireless network

Most often, is required for implementation:

  • Any training that is required should be completed.
  • Encourage employee participation and feedback.

You might think about forming a cross departmental team to oversee the implementation. It will encourage staff buy in and ensure that the process is implemented company-wide.

Assess the impact

To determine the impact of your network implementation, please:

  • Keep track of the results for your business and compare them to your goals.
  • Get feedback from employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • Assess the impact six months later and one year later. Did you achieve your goals? Are you able to make things even better?

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