Wireless Networking + Wireless Networking Solutions: 6 Benefits

Wireless Networking + Wireless Networking Solutions: 6 Benefits

Are you ready to switch from legacy networking to wireless? It’s a huge step to transform your business into a digitally-ready organization. Before you make the move, it is important to consult an IT solution provider. Continue reading to discover the benefits of wireless networking, as well as an overview of all available solutions in Aruba.

Look at the many benefits of wireless networking

If your existing system is working well, why switch to wireless networks? Amazingly, wireless networks have six benefits over traditional wired networks:

Increased Mobility: Mobile users can access real-time information via wireless networks. They can roam freely around the company’s premises without being disconnected from the network. This allows for increased productivity and teamwork company-wide, which is impossible with traditional networks.

Speed and simplicity of installation: Wireless networks are easier to set up than traditional cables and pose a risk to employees if they trip over them. This network is also faster and easier to install than a traditional one.

The wireless network can reach places that aren’t accessible by wires or cables.

More flexibility: If your network changes in the future, you are able to easily upgrade the wireless network to accommodate new configurations.

Lower Initial Investment, but lower overall costs over the life of the network. A wireless network may also have a longer lifespan than a connected network.

Higher Scalability: Wireless systems are capable of being configured to meet specific application needs. They can easily be modified and scaled to meet the needs of your company.

Aruba’s Wireless Networking Solutions

Mobile, IoT and cloud are disrupting traditional business models. Aruba offers comprehensive solutions to assist organizations in making the transition from legacy hardware to a digital enterprise. [click to Tweet] The following four-step process will help you adopt a mobile-first approach for wireless networking.

Optimize Wireless for Mobile & IoT

Mobile is important, so ensure your network can handle the task. Aruba explains that gigabit Wi-Fi forms the basis of the digital workplace. Aruba’s 802.11ac portfolio provides an enterprise-grade, stable wireless service that allows mobile users to roam and access business applications. The IT department of an enterprise that uses Wi-Fi for voice and video calls will need to create a wireless infrastructure capable of supporting these applications at high density. This will increase network capacity and reduce IT headaches.

Prime Wired Infrastructure for the Future

Aruba has partnered with HPE to bring mobile simplicity to your network. WiFi is increasingly being used. [click to Tweet] Aruba stated, “Although most users will connect wirelessly, due to the increase in IoT devices, wired infrastructure is essential.” The new Aruba 3810R and 5400R switches incorporate HPE Smart Rate technology. This allows you to increase data rates up to 2.5Gbps and 5Gbps respectively, or even up to 10Gbps. The 3810 series has multigig capability on all ports. This allows IT departments to protect their network infrastructure from newer, more powerful wireless technologies. This will continue for the next few years.

Preventive Protection against Network Issues

It is important to minimize disruptions to business activities. Aruba can help you preserve your organization’s workflow and plan for potential issues ahead of time. AirWave software by Aruba is an effective tool that not only monitors your entire network, but also improves user experience through rich analytics. The lack of resources and tools for network operations teams to monitor all connected devices and maintain visibility to the network infrastructure is what stands in the way to scalable growth. This is despite the increasing adoption of mobile devices in the digital workplace.

Instead of merely fixing problems as they arise, problems can be predicted and dealt with immediately. This results in fewer outages, and provides 24/7 connectivity for global businesses.

Smart Policy Management is a smart way to secure your network

As important as the network’s anatomy is its management, so too is managing it. “The Aruba ClearPass Policy Management Platform enables IT to enforce and assert trust on all users and devices on the wired, wireless and VPN networks. It integrates with Duo Security, ImageWare and other security systems to enable stronger app and mobile device authentication. ClearPass provides automated threat protection and recovery of devices at risk through real-time interaction. This is achieved with minimal IT interaction. ClearPass is able to work across multiple vendor networks, replacing legacy AAA policies with context-aware ones. ClearPass integrates with SIEM, EMM, firewall and MDM solutions from other vendors and offers guest onboarding, profiling, and BYOD services. ClearPass’s load-balancing and scalability will allow you to meet all your business requirements.

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